“Message from Moray Estates about tree damage:- 
As I’m sure is very obvious there has been major tree damage throughout the Doune Estate. We are working on both getting a overall plan in place to deal with the windblown trees, as well as getting roads cleared etc. Please do be patient while we get on with this work and be assured we are doing our best to get things cleared up. This work will take some time though because of the extent of the damage. In the meantime please can we ask that everyone exercises caution in taking access in areas like Wood of Doune, Doune Ponds, Commonty / Commondry Walk and the Doune Trail. Please do follow any instructions given by Estate Foresters who will be doing the work.
Please message me directly if you have any concerns so they can be dealt with promptly, rather than posting to comments, which may not be checked as regularly.
Many thanks – Rory McLeod
Doune Estate Manager – Moray Estates”

Doune Estate Manager