Kilmadock Development Trust

We are a volunteer run charity that works to make Doune and Deanston a better place to live, work and visit.

About KDT

Founded in August 2000, as a result of the Community Futures initiative which encouraged communities to be better equipped in accessing funding and organising themselves to represent the local communities from the front line. Our founding mission still stands, to make the parish of Kilmadock a better place to live, work and visit.

We are a registered charity and company limited by guarantee that is governed by our members who elect our voluntary Board of Directors to oversee operations.

The KDT Since August 2000

1. Formed the Kilmadock Development Trust as a community trust Ltd by guarantee and a local registered charity. 

2. The Information and Heritage centre opened in December 2000 and has run continually for almost 20 years since. It has been providing information to locals and visitors alike over a range of topics.  

3. Purchased the Old Bakery premises for development which despite years of work did not materialise due to planning restraints. Sold and ploughed into the new site at 61-63 to run the current centre and Post Office. 

4. Ran an 80K Heritage project which resulted in school/community engagement in a range of projects including Oral History, Diary Day, expanding Heritage memorabilia, 3 Interpretation Boards, collections and memories of WWii, Information Sheets and displays. 

5. Employed two Development officers, Information centre manager and now 3 PO staff bringing local employment opportunities to the area.

6. Obtained funding for the Public Information Boards now situated at the Cross used by all community organisations and individuals. 

7. Supported the Walking Festival over 3 years.

8. Managed the agreement between the Windfarm Developers and the Community to create the local Windfarm Trust (which actually is independent and makes decisions without reference to the KDT). Managed the fund for over 11 years which has given over 500k to community projects. 

9. Started the process of forming the DDYP which is now an independent organisation and an independent charity. Successful in its own right it has obtained over 100k of funding to run for the last 10 years.

10. Produced three community and business directories over a 10 year period. 

11. Took over the Rural Hall from the Bowser Trust and obtained almost 100k to restore and fit-out as a viable village hall. Catering for over 20 local community groups, organisations and businesses over the years and used for community and other consultations. Obtained and spent almost 100k bringing it up to usable standards.

12. Assisted/ supported various groups to become established- Allotment group/ Rooks (Old Kilmadock restoration)/ Bridge/ Pipe Band/ Grosset Fair/ Woodland group DCWG. Also assisted the Kilmadock Society with the republication of Moray McKays book on Kilmadock and also the funding for the restoration of the Mercat Cross.

13.  Provides a community hub for local groups and people to store/ archive and meet and acts as a letterbox for many community organisations.

14.  Assisted with two Community Plans.

15.  Supported the hanging basket and community plant tubs project.

16.  Tried to take over the East Kilmadock Church – unsuccessful because of being outbid by a commercial company which the Church preferred.

17.  Took over the Post Office to prevent its closure.

18.   Ran the Information centre for over 20 years, supporting local artists and craft makers and provided administrative facilities/books and maps, and now a shop selling stationery cards and gifts as well.

19.   Ongoing support for a range of sub-projects and obtaining funding for other groups using our charity status to access funding.  Assisting with village signs/parking. Local IT project and building a new website for the community.

As a charitable organisation, we rely on the assistance of others. You can help us by:

  • Becoming a member
  • Volunteering your time
  • Making a donation

To do any of the above, please contact us.

What we do

Our first major milestone was on the 1st of December 2000 when we opened an Information Centre in Doune. Over time, our charitable activities have expanded and evolved. Today we run three community enterprises, a range of initiatives and from time-to-time undertake one-off special projects.


Information & Heritage Centre

Information Centre and Pharmacy

Serving our community since December 2000

Doune Post Office

Doune Post Office

Providing vital local services since March 2018

Rural Hall

Rural Hall

Opened in 1924. Managed and owned by KDT on behalf of the community since 2010


Windfarm Trust

Braes of Doune Windfarm

Distributing community benefit funds from Braes of Doune Windfarm since 2007

Community Website

Doune and Deanston Logo

Built in 2021 by local volunteers to showcase our community to residents and visitors

Heritage Archives

Replica Doune Pistols

We hold a wide-ranging archive of photographs, books, and artefacts relating to the community’s history

Welcome Packs

Welcome Pack

Welcoming new residents to the community

Supporting Community Action

window cill flowers

We support various types of community action, including Moray Park public toilets, hanging baskets, the Gala Fun Run and Christmas Fayre


Below are some of our recent special projects

Community Planning

Coordinating action plans for the community in 2003, 2013 and 2023

Outdoor Gyms

Working in partnership to bring gym equipment to Doune & Deanston

Heritage Plaques

Heritage Plaque Trail

Local IT project

Kilmadock Trust

Helping vulnerable members of our community get online during the pandemic

Projects with Historic Environment Scotland

Doune Information Boards and Heritage Trail

Investing in improvements that benefit locals and visitors alike

Become a Member

Full membership is open to those aged over 17 who permanently live in our boundary area. Associate or Junior membership is open to all others aged 12 or over.

To become a member, please get in touch using the below details.

Contact Details

61–63 Balkerach Street, DOUNE, FK16 6DF
01786 841250

Kilmadock Development Trust Limited

Company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland (SC210142)

Charity registered with OSCR (SC030459)


As of 2024 AGM:

Mr D. Bertin
Mrs D. Campbell
Mr K. Carson
Rev D. Clark
Mrs J. Dormer
Mr A. Farrant
Mrs M. Ferrier
Mrs A. Oliver
Mr P. Reed
Mrs K. Ross
Dr K. Russell


Post Office Counter Assistants
Carol, Elaine, Richard

Development Officer
Neil Fergusson

Windfarm Trust Administrator
Anna Clark


We have a team of over forty volunteers who invest their time to give back to the community.

If you’d like to join the team, please contact us.