This year a new Community Plan is being created for Argaty, Buchany, Deanston and Doune.

The plan will set out the aspirations of what we want our community to be like in a decade’s time, and will include actions to make Kilmadock a better place to live, work and visit.

Draft plan

The first draft of new the Community Plan has now been published.

Click here to read it online, or consult copies at the Information & Heritage Centre (61–63 Balkerach Street, Doune).

Final consultation

Community Poll

Proposals have been drafted on a range of topics, based on contributions the community made to surveys, workshops and meetings.

The Community Poll ran from 2nd October to 12th November, asking if people agreed or disagreed with the proposals. The poll has now closed and the results are being compiled.

Read a quick guide to the Community Poll questions here.

Latest blog posts

Map of proposals in Community Poll

With 36 different proposals drafted for our Community Poll, we have created a map of those that relate to a specific location. Explore the map below or click 'Open Map' in the bottom right to go full screen. You can read more about the proposals in our quick guide and...

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Time to cast your eyes and votes on the draft Community Plan

The first full draft of the new Kilmadock Community Plan is complete and the final consultation, a Community Poll is live. Here Neil Fergusson, Development Officer at Kilmadock Development Trust, outlines details of this final stage.It has been a long time coming, but...

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On behalf of the community and in partnership with Kilmadock Community CouncilKilmadock Development Trust is guiding the process to create the plan. A number of other organisations are supporting the Community Plan development, for more information click here.