Amey is undertaking the essential removal of diseased trees on the A9 slip roads at Dunblane to the A820 Doune Road overbridge between Saturday 2nd March and Thursday 14th March. The essential woodland management, which Amey is carrying out on behalf of Transport Scotland, will combat the effects of Ash Dieback along the north east trunk road network. This work will help improve the safety of the A9 carriageway by reducing the risk that the diseased trees pose to road users. Once the Ash Dieback fungus infects a tree they need to be managed carefully and sometimes removed, especially near roads, paths or buildings. This scheme is taking place on land adjacent to the A9 southbound on-slip and off-slips at the A820 Doune Road overbridge. To ensure the safety of roadworkers and motorists, the following traffic management will be in place between the A9 and the A820 Doune Road overbridge.
A9 Southbound Off Slip Saturday 2nd March to Wednesday 6th March – Total closure of the A9 southbound off slip between 7am to 7pm each day.During the off slip closures, A9 southbound traffic wishing to exit the A9 will be diverted to Keir Roundabout, where they can return on the A9 northbound and exit the A9 to the A820 via the northbound off slip.
Saturday 9th March – Lane 1 closure between 7am and 7pm. A9 Southbound On Slip
Friday 8th March at 7am to Monday 11th March at 7pm – Continuous total closure of the A9 southbound on slip.
Tuesday 12th March to Thursday 14th March – Total closure of the A9 southbound on slip between 7am and 7pm. During the on slip closure, A820 traffic wishing to access the A9 southbound will be diverted from the A820 to the A9 northbound on slip. Traffic can then travel to the northbound off slip at the B8033, where they can turn and return southbound on the A9.
A9 southbound lane 1 closure between the slip roads There will also be a lane one closure of the A9 southbound between the off and on slips to the A820 Doune Overbridge on the following dates:Saturday 2nd March 7am – 12pm, Sunday 3rd March 7am – 7pm and Monday 4th – Thursday 7th between 9.30am and 3.30pm. Temporary traffic lights will also be required on the A820 Doune Road on Saturday 2nd March and Saturday 9th March between 7am to 6pm to accommodate landscaping works access.